Thank you. No really. THANK YOU.

Happy New Year! Its me, Emma, with our first #workplacewellbeingwednesday blog of 2018. My chosen blog topic for this week is around the power of thanks, of gratitude. Very simply, gratitude makes us

Food and Mood

Food and Mood

Hey everyone, its Louiza here. Wellbeing Practitioner here at Be, the centre for Wellbeing. For this weeks #workplacewellbeingwednesday I will be looking at the relationship we have

Christmas and your Mental Health

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas….?

Christmas comes but once a year. For some of us that’s a relief as it’s not our favourite time of year like the masses. The images we are fed via the media portrays

Men Don't Cry!!

Men don’t cry, right?

Time to Change – “Be in Your Mates Corner” if your mate is acting differently, step in.

Many of you will have noticed there seems to be a particular emphasis on men and

Mental Health First Aid VS Managing Mental Health in the Workplace for Managers Training

The big debate at Be.

The scenario: A business calls us for MHFA training as part of their workplace wellbeing strategy, great we can deliver that! However after a quick discussion assessing

5 Reasons it’s ok to not be ok

1. Everyone is not ok sometimes.

Fact. We forget this far too easily.

2. Everything is relative.

‘Why am I down?’, ‘Why am I upset?’, ‘I’ve no reason to feel sad’. Because you are and that’s you

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