Reflections on Time to Talk day

Good Afternoon to all our readers, its Lou here today bringing you your #workplacewellbeingwednesday blog.

It’s been almost a week now since our Time to Talk event, here at Be.the centre for Wellbeing, and what a wonderful day, full of inspiring conversations, shared stories and helpful strategies to keep us mentally well.

The day consisted of a CEO/managers breakfast, this was led by Emily in which managers were encouraged to use their own disclosers about their own mental health to support their workplace wellbeing.
Next up we had a Sally Allen presentation by Emma, this was attended by staff from Primark, Aspers Casino, HMRC, Peacock medical, Ryder Architecture and many more. Our feedback was either excellent or very good.
We also had a presentation on Mental Toughness by Helen St Clair Thompson from Newcastle University, which was insightful, thought provoking and evoked discussions as to how we can develop strategies to become more mentally tough.

We also had lots of fun engagement in our themed rooms, we had our Wigwam of Wellbeing where everyone was invited to write down on a star what they do that contributes to keeping them mentally well. We had a Chatterbox room where we used products provided by Time to Change and PJ Tips to have meaningful conversations around mental health, there was even a tattoo station included with both myself and Emily enjoyed getting tattooed up for Time to Talk. We had a Mindful Lego room, where people were invited to create Lego pieces together or alone and then reflect on how completing that task helped focus their minds and energy. Lastly we had our sports room, where we had a display wall of images of us using our bodies whether it be housework, swimming, dog walking or cycling helps to keep us mentally well. We also had copies of the results of the Get, Set to Go project the largest study of its kind examining the correlation between sports and exercise, which was delivered by local Mind’s including Tyneside and Northumberland Mind.

It was wonderful to read the feedback, and hear first-hand from our guests what a difference events like Time to Talk day makes, please have a look through some of our pictures, and remember we CAN talk about mental health each day not just Time to Talk day.

Have a wonderful week everyone.

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